Electric Wheelbarrow Review – Is It Worth It?

Anyone who’s ever done more than a few wheelbarrow trips in a row knows how great an invention this is. Especially for those of us who’s backs aren’t quite what they used to be! The electric wheelbarrow takes the stress and strain out of moving, combining a motor with a new and improves four wheel design, this beast is a keeper.

One of the best things about the electric wheelbarrow is how easy it makes gardening. Whilst most manual wheelbarrows can only hold a few hundred pounds, the manufacturers claim this can hold up to 750lbs. It can do this due to its four wheel design, which allows it to spread the weight over multiple tires, preventing any single one from bursting. It’s also unlikely that anyone would want to try and push such weight, so a motor is necessary.Electric wheelbarrow review

The great thing is that it not only makes the trip easier, it also means you’ll have to do less of them. You are looking at more than halving the workload! If that isn’t a selling point then I don’t know what is.

If you look closely at the front of the design you’ll see that it’s shaped with a steep front. This allows it to dump more effectively by allowing it to tip to a greater angle. The reason that traditional wheelbarrows can’t do this is that they rely on the leverage of the material shifting to the front, in order to tip. Because of the four wheeled design, the electric wheelbarrow is easier to tip onto the two larger front wheels. This means that you can tip the larger loads, with even less effort.

To me the best feature is how the motor works. With a top speed of 2.4mph it’s quick enough for any speedy gardeners out there, and with variable speed you can set it to your own pace. But, the best feature is how the team have manufactured the automotive breaking. For example; when going downhill with a traditional wheelbarrow, gravity will cause it to accelerate, meaning that you have to increase your pace or pull on it to slow it down. The electric wheelbarrow prevents this. It measures its speed to keep it constant, meaning that if gravity is pulling it too fast it will automatically stop the motor or apply the brakes. This keeps it going at a consistent pace on any incline. How cool, right?

Another great benefit we found when doing this electric wheelbarrow review was that it has a pretty long battery life! The company suggest that is should last around 8-10 hours, but we found that it lasted closer to 12! That should be more than enough time for any single gardener. It recharges using a standard electrical plug, I don’t know exactly how long it takes, but it was full again in the morning. What more can you ask for?Electric wheelbarrow

If you’ve ever gardened in tight spaces then you’ll no doubt remember how much of a pain it is. Now imagine trying to get a wheel barrow into there, then turn around and get out. With this wheelbarrow there’s really no need. With a reverse speed that matches its forward speed, there’s no need to turn around awkwardly. You must be careful when backing up though, as I said, it can get quite fast!

We found that it was very stable even under great load, and it was surprisingly easy to turn. Initially, I guessed that the heavier loads would make it much harder to manoeuvre but that’s really not the case. The extra wheels at the back really make the difference, spinning all the way round like a shopping cart, meaning you can back in and out of any space with ease.

Overall, this is an amazing wheelbarrow and it blew our expectations out of the water. If you’re finding using a manual wheelbarrow a pain then this might just be an investment in not only your gardening, but also your health.

Overland Carts Electric Wheelbarrow

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