Hose Reel Review: Suncast Aquawinder

After years of tripping over my hose and cursing I’ve recently purchased a new hose reel. I know what some of you will say, “why don’t you just hang it up or pack it away?” and the answer is… I’m too lazy. It’s worth the money to me just because of the convenience. When I’m gardening sometimes multiple times a day, I’m tired when I finish and the last thing I want to do is neatly pack the hose away. Buy it here!

I’ve tried a few hose reels in the past and to me there is one clear winner: Suncast Aquawinder.

The best thing? You can rewind the hose at the flick of a switch.Suncast aquawinder review

This hose reel works by utilizing the power of your water in order to wind the wheel and draw the hose back in. This clever design reduces your workload and lets you chill out after a hard days gardening. When I first received the reel I was still a little dubious. Would it reel in properly? Wouldn’t it just tangle? Well, I can honestly say that I have never had any issues with it.

A few months on and it’s still working perfectly. The casing itself feels very durable, and despite moving it multiple times it’s yet to be scratched or damaged. Most of us who are buying a hose reel are doing so with a few factors in mind: convenience, attractiveness and value for money.

I’ve already addressed the convenience of the Suncast Aquawinder, but one of it’s standout features is its aesthetics.

Most hose reels on the market these days really need to be kept in the corner. They are often a light beige or cream color, which is going to go yellow in a few months, and they don’t deserve to be kept next your beautiful garden. The Aquawinder in comparison actually looks GREAT. With a wicker design it feels fit in the garden, more of an accessory than a tool.

As for value for money, I can only talk from my own personal story. I was truly and utterly sick of having a hose laying around in my garden, looking unkempt and being a nuisance. Gardening even for us enthusiasts, can be tiring at times, so you want to do everything within your power to make it stress free. Personally, I resented having to pack away the hose whilst I was physically exhausted and wanted to just sit down with a warm mug of coco. For me, this purchase was worth far more than the price I paid. Going by how resilient is has been thus far, I’m sure this purchase will last me well into the decade, and for the convenience this is a price I will gladly pay.Hose reel review

When it comes to using this reel I was a little confused at first, so I’m going to give you some tips that I’ve learned.

  1. When you’re pulling the hose out, make sure that you pull it out to a reasonable length before you turn the water on. This is because the water will rewind the hose back in and can make it hard for it to unreel.
  2. Empty the hose after you have winded it back in, simply by pressing the nozzle.
  3. When you’re emptying the hose you can use a bucket under where the water is dumped out to collect it instead of having it go to waste.

To conclude, I have tried other hose reels and this has outperformed them in convenience and value. Other reels have tangled on me, causing hours of wasted energy, have snapped and even burst on me. This is a hose reel that will last. Buy it here!

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