Basics of Landscape Design

Following the fashion trends, nowadays more and more people strive to decorate their land in accordance with the requirements of landscape design. In order to realize their ideas and dreams in the garden or on a country plot, someone studies a mountain of books on landscape design, someone signs up for design courses, while others, putting their hands down, invite professional landscape designers. Certainly, it may take a year to master the subtleties of landscape design, but to arrange a beautiful, organic and cozy area under the windows of your own home, it is enough to master the basics of landscape design.

Basics of Landscape

The basics of landscape design

Despite the fact that the concept of “landscape design” appeared in the life of modern gardeners relatively recently, the origins of this science go back centuries. The history of landscape design dates back to the ancient gardens, which first appeared in ancient Egypt, Persia, Babylon. They were so-called “pleasure gardens”, where different kinds of flowers were grown and the surface of water bodies was covered with lotuses and nymphs. The pinnacle of ancient landscape art was the hanging gardens of the Semiramis, now considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

In ancient times, landscape art was also born on the territory of Japan and China. In these countries it was formed under the influence of Eastern religion and philosophy, which inspired the natural origin. This is how the Oriental style of landscape design emerged, in which every natural component, whether stone or water body, has a symbolic meaning.
Over the centuries, the concept and basic laws of landscape art have been formed. Each epoch has made its own adjustments to this complex and inexhaustible science. For example, the Middle Ages gave sculptural alleys and artificial reservoirs to landscape design, the Renaissance created a regular style of garden art, which became the embodiment of royal luxury and wealth. Theoretical foundations of landscape design, its main principles, rules and laws were formed in the New Age.

Where to begin to beautify the siteā€¦
Nowadays, no one doubts that landscape design is a true art, the creation of which is subject to certain rules, laws and principles. However, it is based on three main stages – planning and design, plant selection and the creation of landscape structures.

Planning and design

Even the most inexperienced gardener should understand that the very first stage of landscape design in any style is the design and planning of the site. It is very important before the implementation of any idea to make a plan of placement of all objects on paper, because only in this case it will be possible to get a thoughtful and stylistically complete landscape design. In addition, preliminary planning allows you to determine the order of engineering works (irrigation systems, lighting), as well as competently delimit the space, allocating the area for recreation, farm zone, play area and garden.

Selection of plants

It is necessary to approach the choice of plants for home gardening with knowledge, because they are the most important element of landscape design. Choosing plants, it is necessary to pay attention not only to their form and color scale, but also to consider such factors as style of landscape design, climatic conditions, features of care. Only then will the plants become an organic part of the landscape design and enjoy their lush flowering more than one season.

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