Down to earth landscapes

Design, development and maintenance – it’s all down to earth landscapes.

The objectives of landscape design are significantly different from those of ornamental gardening. Landscape design is something in between applied arts and crafts. The reason for this is that deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience is necessary for the implementation of greenery and landscaping projects.

Landscape design performs not only a decorative function, but also a purely consumer one. For example, it is necessary to correctly zoned the site taking into account the peculiarities of the relief, to choose the right place for the construction of the reservoir and other hydraulic structures, to choose a species range of plants, as well as to have a wide range of views in the field of landscape architecture, dendrology, history, and in some cases, philosophy.

If to speak simply, landscape design is a complex on combination of natural beauty of the nature, talent of designers and skill of manufacturers of landscape works.