Decorative cutting of bushes includes several stages of composition creation.

  • First, you need to create a wire frame of the desired shape, in which the selected plant is placed. As it grows, the shoots and branches can go beyond the frame, which should be closely monitored. All unnecessary details are cut off even if the branches on the opposite side have not yet reached the frame.
  • It can take several years for a bush to grow before it reaches a certain shape, and during this time it is necessary to watch its shape and to level it on different sides. As soon as the plant reaches the shape that was conceived, the corset of wire is removed, and you just need to look after the figure.
  • To create complex decorative figures and sculptures are used stationary patterns that are not removed, and with the help of steel bars connected to the plant and remain so to give it the necessary shape.
  • For creation of especially difficult figures special filled in templates in which the plant develops are used. Most often these structures are filled with sphagnum moss and peat, and they are planted with creeping plants, such as ivy. However, the creation of such complex shapes requires certain skills and experience, because they require careful care.


If you decide to do landscaping and create an original landscape on the site, you need to know the ways and techniques of curly cutting bushes.

  • For example, deciduous trees are trimmed once a year in spring until the buds have dissolved. Due to last year’s branches they increase their volume by 5 – 10 cm.
  • But the plants used to create hedges need to be trimmed several times a year. The first curly cutting of bushes should be done before the buds open, leaving 5 cm of growth from last year. The next haircut is made to the level of the first one.
  • If the hedge is based on the use of coniferous shrubs, it is important to know that it is not possible to cut the hedge vertically from the sides of the hedge, as it must be slightly narrowed to the top. If this is not done, the bottom part will be left without needles very quickly.
  • The plants are cut from the bottom to the top. Also, do not forget that your figures and hedges consist of living plants, and therefore need regular feeding of vitamins and water.
  • To ensure that the crown of the plant was lush and attracted the eye with its density, young plants should be trimmed quite abundantly. It is best to use a garden knife or pruning shear for this purpose.

Beautiful decorative cutting of bushes can be done not only by specially trained professionals, but also by you personally on your own site. Just put a little patience, attention and imagination into it.

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