Garden drainage

Garden drainage is a prerequisite for the well-being of plants and the convenience of gardeners. Therefore, at creation or reconstruction of a garden one of necessary kinds of works is construction of effective drainage system which is carried out right after site measurement and its planning.

garden drainage system for your home

In the old days, elegant gardens and flawless lawns were designed exclusively by landscape architects, specialists in this field. These gardens were maintained by gardeners and cleaners.
Over the centuries, a wealth of experience has been accumulated in landscape principles and methods of creating and decorating gardens and parks.
Nowadays, this experience is successfully used not only by professionals. Often amateur gardeners without professional help and at very low cost turn their plots of land into paradise gardens, in attractive and convenient places for active rest.

Last summer of 2019 caused a lot of trouble for owners of gardens in our Leningrad region (as well as in some other regions) due to excessive rainfall by the end of the season. This led to flooding of many garden plots, loss of vegetable crops, invasion of slugs and other pests of the garden, killing many flower and ornamental plants.