Gosnell tree in Santa Barbara

Trees of different species are a fertile material for garden and park areas. They serve as a magnificent natural framework, the dominant feature of the whole plant composition. They are planted individually and in groups, in the central part and along the borders of a garden or lawn. The trees are used as a universal background for low garden ornamental elements. In the shade of the trees their microclimate is created. Even if the tree grows alone, the temperature under the crown will be lower than in open terrain. As a rule, the owners of country residences begin to beautify their areas by planting gosnell tree for this reason.

Popular tree species for landscape design

Deciduous trees are the basis of most landscaped areas. They can be ornamental-flowering and decorative-leaved. Popular representatives of the first category: fire tree, rhododendron, albicia, European cercis, “yellow flame”, callereutheria, felt pillow, cherry trees. When planting large trees of deciduous trees take into account their pronounced seasonal ornamentality. The advantage of representatives of the second category – ornamental willow, different types of maple (Japanese, sharp-leaved, lanespecific, fan), birch hanging Junga, elm of rough Pendula and others – is the ability to please the unusual shape of the crown, the beauty of color or leaf contours throughout the season. Some of them become particularly spectacular in autumn. When choosing deciduous trees for landscaping, one has to reckon with the fact that they tend to lose their beauty by winter.