Indications for MRI, Kelowna

MRI readings:

  • headaches of any genesis and character, whether they are seizure-like migraine pains or chronic headaches;
  • headaches that are associated with traumatic brain injury;
  • assessment of the general condition of the brain, cerebellum, brain stem, brain membrane;
  • pre-stroke conditions, if a stroke is suspected or a post-stroke diagnosis is needed;
  • diseases of the sinuses of the nose (maxillary sinusitis, frontitis, phenoiditis), which may cause laceration complications in the brain;
  • orbital areas or other diseases of the visual organs;
  • various diseases of the spine which may be accompanied by back pain, between the scapula, neck, a feeling of heaviness in the back of the head and so on;
  • cerebral blood flow disorder in the vertebrobasilar pool;
  • suspicion of intervertebral hernia or pinching of spinal cord nerve roots;
  • head or spinal cord tumors;
  • Traumatic spinal cord injuries;
  • suspected arthrosis or deforming joint arthrosis;
  • elimination or confirmation of ligament and tendon ruptures of large joints, knee joint meniscuses;
  • in case of suspected aseptic inflammation in bones that form large joints;
  • conducting control and dynamic research to determine the effectiveness of treatment or to monitor possible complications.
  • Contraindications for MRI research:
  • Absolute contraindications:
kelowna mri

The presence of foreign metal (except for titanium and medical steel) in the body, implanted electronic devices, fixers, stents;

Kelowna MRI – Each treatment plan is different and costs will vary but our pre-screening intakes are free and we can provide an estimate for services. Additionally, MRIs start at $995 per body part.

I and III trimesters of pregnancy.
Relative contraindications: The presence of foreign metal (except for titanium and medical steel) in implanted electronic devices, fixators, stents; I and III trimesters of pregnancy:

  • claustrophobia;
  • inadequate patient’s condition.
  • Preparing for an MRI
  • In the vast majority of cases, no special training is required. Women are strongly advised to wash off make-up that may interfere with images when performing an MRI of the brain. If you have any other questions, we recommend that you consult with your research supervisor.