Landscape Services

Designer can photograph the land and take a sample of the soil. After examination and research, the project sketch begins to be prepared. It covers the project and its elements. The customer can inspect his forthcoming order in the form of a layout. It is very convenient for the customer, as he can see all the advantages and disadvantages of the project.

There are several styles in landscape design: landscape, regular, rural, mixed, Japanese, Chinese and natural. However, each style has different values. It already depends on the customer, on what amount he expects to make the project, but on the other hand, the characteristics of the land.

In order to choose the right plants for a plot of land, you need to take into account some factors that are very important when creating a project. You need to be aware of the climatic characteristics of the region, the properties of the soil and the time it takes to care for the plants.

Landscape Services

In case the customer wants to design a bright and soft lawn, the customer needs to understand that he needs to take care of a lot and be careful. Therefore, the customer needs to really assess what time and what amount of force he can spend on the care of the lawn on his land.

There are several aspects to calculate the price for the project and the designer’s work. The main aspects are the size of the area and the degree of originality of the project. Also important are the characteristics and quality of materials, which are important when creating a project. It is also necessary to keep in mind the time spent by the designer, who will think about how to implement the project land.