Landscaping techniques in the garden

The heat of spring is the best time to clean up your garden or the surrounding area. In order to make your summer cottage an eye-catching place for relaxation and relaxation, you will have to work on its landscaping.

Stone paving stone

Photo stone paving stones Paving stones or paving stones are used for the construction of garden paths. Granite paving stone is the most popular option. It is characterized by durability, high resistance to abrasion. It is not afraid of pedestrian loads, nor wheels of the building equipment, nor temperature changes, nor precipitation. The paths paved with granite paving stone will last for 50-70 years.

Stone paving stone

Paving stones differ in shape and texture. Classic variant is paving tiles “honeycomb”. Its fragments have a hexagonal shape and form an aesthetic pattern resembling bee honeycombs. Square or rectangular paving tiles can be used to create a pattern in the form of a herringbone, chessboard or brickwork. If you like the right geometry and structured patterns, choose sawn paving stone – it has even surfaces and joints. If you are closer to artistic disorder, pay attention to the sawn-pinned paving stone. Thanks to the uneven joints, the arbitrary shape of the elements and the textured surface, it allows you to create a natural and original pattern.
The curbstone will logically complete the appearance of the garden paths. Creating height differences, the curbs distinguish between the pedestrian and green areas of the garden.

The monochrome combination of paving stone and curbstone looks laconic and noble, emphasizing the classic nature of the garden design. Combining tiles of bright colors, you will get an original effect and make the garden more interesting. As the assortment of flowers in which paving stones and borders are presented is rather various, you can easily choose the material to your taste.

Garden tables

The stone table is not only an exquisite garden decoration, but also a place for picnics and summer meals in the open air. In addition, stone garden furniture has many advantages. It is not afraid of the influence of the environment, mechanical damage, fungi and mold. You can put hot dishes on it without fear of damaging the exquisite surface. Such furniture will serve for many years.
You can buy a finished product or a table made of stone to order. Marble light table top will emphasize the tenderness of roses, lilies and other colors. Black granite table will look original against the background of lush greenery.

Pergolas of stone

Pergola made of pergola stone is a word that comes from the Italian language and means an extension or house canopy in translation. This architectural element was popular back in antiquity – it was used to equip the recreation area of the townspeople. Pergola consists of arches and columns. Pergolas are most often used in an alliance with curly plants, although even without ornaments they will be a spectacular addition to the architectural ensemble. Such a construction pleases the eye and makes the garden even cozier.

The best material for the production of arches or vertical pergolas supports is natural stone. Granite will make the construction too bulky, so it is better to stop at marble, limestone or travertine.
Modern technologies make the stone flexible and allow to produce pergolas of any shape – round, rectangular, carved. Therefore, you are free to choose the tools to create a stylish composition. As for the color scheme, it is important that the shade of the stone is in harmony with the facade.

Stone decor elements

Photosty little things make the landscape composition truly original. Vases from a stone can be used for registration of flower beds along the main garden alley. For their manufacturing usually take marble and a granite as the strongest breeds of stones. After all, they will have to withstand temperature changes, the effects of precipitation and other whims of nature. In addition, these vases will not crack if they are accidentally dropped.

Another strong design tool – granite balls. They can be used as the main element of the fountain composition or decoration of the lawn. Smooth polished granite surface is beautifully shimmering in the sun, and its natural pattern looks organic against the background of emerald greenery.
Stone figurines are the final touch in creating a unique landscape ensemble. In ancient times, luxurious gardens of noble people decorated the statues of the gods. Today country cottages are surrounded by abstract compositions, figures of animals. For example, a stone turtle figure will complement an alpine slide or pool. The lawn can be decorated with a sculpture of a dog or cat.

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