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Medical rehabilitation centre toronto – complex of medical, pedagogical, psychological and other kinds of measures aimed at maximum possible restoration or compensation of the broken or completely lost, as a result of illness or trauma, normal mental and physiological functions (needs) of a human organism, its working capacity. Examples of needs: to be healthy, motor activity, freedom of movement, independence of actions, communication with people, obtaining necessary information, self-realization through work and other types of activity.

rehabilitation centre toronto

It is carried out for some diseases of internal organs, congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system, consequences of serious injuries, mental illness, etc. Of particular importance is rehabilitation in children with mental retardation, with hearing, speech, vision, etc.

Rehabilitation is a system of medical and pedagogical measures aimed at preventing and treating pathological conditions that may lead to temporary or permanent disability. Rehabilitation is aimed at restoring the ability to live and work in a normal environment as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitation should be considered in cases where the patient has already had experience of social life and socially useful activities.