Spear Head Spade Review

This spade is a combination of a few different digging tools. With it’s narrow tip but wide top it allows a huge amount of force to be applied to a small area, making light work of digging. By providing a wide top you can still push through with you feet, allowing precision and reducing workload. Buy here!

The Spear Head is made of high carbon steel, and much thicker and harder than most shovels you’ll see. Whilst we only had the chance to use it for a few weeks, it feels incredibly durable, especially considering how light it is. The shaft is made of fiberglass which is incredibly strong for its weight, making this tool ideal for those who are starting to find digging tiring.Spear head shovel review

With 3 models of different lengths, there’s no reason not to try it on for size. I found that the leverage was impressive, reducing workload as mention before. I think that really is the theme of this tool, less work.

One thing in particular that I noted about this spade, was that it cut straight through established roots better than any spade I’ve ever used. This is one of the most tiring actions in my experience, but the spear head shape easily penetrated the roots.

As you can clearly see, the shape does mean that the load that can be carried is greatly reduced. However, that really isn’t the main purpose of this tool. It’s optimized for penetration and force. If you want to do some heavy moving then you’d be better suited to dig with this spear headed spade, and then lift with a regular spade or fork.

But it really is the best at what it does. Digging was a breeze.Spearhead shovel

The spear headed spade is designed and manufactured in the USA to a superior quality and it really is evident in person. Whilst it’s extremely lightweight, it has a certain ‘sturdy’ feel about it that’s quite reassuring. If you don’t believe so then feel free to check out the reviews on Amazon. They have had 64 reviews and are averaging 5 stars. That’s impressive.

Whilst testing this spade out we made sure to do a few different tasks that your everyday gardener might perform. Firstly, we planted a set of bulbs. Clearly, penetrating the soil was easy but the thing that was most evident was how easy it was to pull out. If you look at the spade itself you can see that the back has an indented ridge, similar to what you see on some knives. This prevents suction from moist soil, which would increase the workload in pulling the spade out. The tip of the spear is sharp enough that anyone can plant and that’s the whole point.

The spear head spade was developed by an older gentleman who was physically struggling with gardening. His tool allows him and others to continue doing physical gardening for much longer, continuing their passion well into their 80’s.

Our second test was to remove and replant an established plant that had been growing for over a year. The sharp spear sliced easily through the soil and the length allowed us to simply scoop the base of the plant up. The shape and size of the spade meant that the plant was protected and not overly compressed during the lifting.

To conclude, as a specialized tool it really does outperform all other spades. It is just that, specialized. It’s not designed to replace all other generic spades, it’s here to be added to your range of tools in order to make your life simpler.

If you want to check out this spade then you can get it on Amazon at: Buy here!

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