What Are The Best Above Ground Pools: A Buyers Guide

Choosing a pool for most families is an exciting decision and this guide is here to help you choose the best above ground pool for you. We are going to be comparing some of the most popular pools on the market, discussing the pros and cons of them and letting you know what you need to look for in your pool. Let’s start with the above ground pools reviews!

Intex Rectangular Ultra FrameIntex Rectangular Ultra Frame
Splash Pools Above Ground Round PoolSplash Pools Above Ground Round Pool
Intex 32 foot Ultra Frame PoolIntex 32 foot Ultra Frame Pool
Intex 15ft Metal Frame PoolIntex 15ft Metal Frame Pool
Heritage Pools 12 Foot Standard PoolHeritage Pools 12 Foot Standard Pool
Pro Series Rectangular PoolPro Series Rectangular Pool
Oval 52 Foot Deep Tango Deluxe PoolOval 52 Foot Deep Tango Deluxe Pool
Blue Wave 12 Foot Pool PackageBlue Wave 12 Foot Pool Package
Intex Oval Frame Pool 20Intex Oval Frame Pool 20x12x48
iPool 2 Deluxe Resistance PooliPool 2 Deluxe Resistance Pool

What Makes The Best Above Ground Pools?

An in ground pool just isn’t an option for some people and with the improvements in above ground pools there really isn’t a need to be honest. Some of the top pools offer a better experience for a lower cost and with much easier maintenance, making above ground pools the obvious choice. When it comes to deciding what pool to buy you need to know what you actually want first. Pools come in all different sizes and price brackets, so having an idea of what you want is important. Next up we’ll have in depth reviews about each of the pools in the table above, before talking more about what you need to look for in your dream pool.


Above Ground Pools Reviews


Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame

This pool is probably one of the most discussed on the market right now, it’s a stunning pool and for the price you really can’t go wrong. Once you’ve purchased this pool and had the chance to relax in it you’ll see why you’ve made the right decision. The space it offers is incredible for this price and since it’s now been discontinued by the manufacturers, it won’t be here for too much longer so don’t miss out! Intex are well known for producing top quality pools and this pool has amazing build quality. With a big water capacity you’re sure to have enough space for a party, but it’s small enough to be economical to fill. What draws me most to this pool though is its appearance. It really adds to your garden instead of taking away from it. When this pool is delivered you’ll notice that a ladder is included, as is a pool cloth and filter pump. The sand filter pump is up to 1,200 gallons so you’ll have no issues there! If you’re looking for a good above ground pool then this is the best on the market at this price range. Find Out More


Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool

This pool is a beast! This is a real family pool and one that the neighbours will be jealous of for sure. With an all-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner this pool screams high quality and excellent manufacturing. I would suggest that a pool like this would be a fantastic investment to any home, and you now that you won’t have to replace it any time soon. With a 15 year warranty Splash Pools obviously believes in their product and the way I see it, there’s no reason not to buy it. This kind of pool isn’t there to be used once a year. This kind of pool brings with it a certain lifestyle and I have no doubt that once you’ve setup the pool you’ll find yourself spending far more time outside. Relaxing in a pool this size is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Find Out More


Intex 32 Foot Ultra Frame Pool

If the first Intex pool we wrote about above sounded amazing then you definitely need to check this out. This is the daddy version. With a length of 32 feet and a width of 16 feet you’re sure to have one of the best experiences of your lives. Whilst a smaller pool might seem big enough for your family you’d be surprised at how quickly they can become cramped and you’ll wish that you’d paid a little extra. This pool is bigger and it’s better. An above ground pool is an investment and if you’re looking for the best one then there’s no need to look much further. Find Out More


Intex 15ft Metal Frame Pool

We’ve talked a lot about Intex pools in this buyers guide and with good reason. This is one of their budget pools and whilst there is no denying that it doesn’t offer the same experience as one of their larger luxury pools, it’s still a good product. This budget pool is quite large for its price range and is of good quality. A pool like this isn’t going to be as permanent as some of the more expensive ones but it’s also much cheaper. I would suggest that a pool like this would be great for children especially those who love having their friends round. This is a great way to get your kids outside and exercising. Don’t worry; this pool is still perfect for adults! Imagine being outside having a drink with some friends and then deciding to relax in the pool. Sounds good to me! Find Out More


Heritage Pools 12 Foot Standard Pool

For those with slightly less space in their garden this is another pool that has positive reviews. The package itself includes everything you need to have the pool up and running within a couple hours, including a secure ladder. The design itself is extremely attractive, probably one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Find Out More


Pro Series Rectangular Pool

This pool is built with soft sides which is great because if you’ve ever had a hard in built pool then you’ll know how much it hurts to stub your toe. This pool is braced will strong reinforced metal to ensure that these soft sides don’t give way so that you can enjoy the pool without any worries. At a relatively affordable price you’ll find yourself relaxing in a pool which will withstand rigorous use and is designed to last. When you get this pool delivered you’ll see that it comes with an inbuilt filtration system which will get rid of anything that sinks to the bottom. This is a super useful feature because cleaning your pool can be quite tiresome. Find Out More


Oval 52 Foot Deep Tango Deluxe Pool

This is the mother ship. An awesome pool that is luxurious and simple at the same time. With a 7 inch galvanized steel frame you know that it’s going to be strong enough and will last the test of time. Without any doubt this is the best pool on our list and probably the best on the market. It has a huge capacity of over 24,000 gallons and a strong filtration system to ensure that the water stays crystal clear. Find Out More


Blue Wave 12 Foot Pool Package

Another entry level above ground pool and one that would make a great addition to any garden. This full package comes with everything you need to install the pool, including a super easy manual. The ladder to this pool isn’t as sturdy as some of the other pools, but is still reasonable for a budget pool. Reviews have been generally positive with many comments about the strength and build quality of the pool which is a good sign. When you’re spending a lot of money on a pool you don’t want it to break within a few years! Find Out More


Intex Oval Frame Pool 20x12x48

So far on our list the majority of the pools have been hard sided and more permanent. This is cheapest pool on the list at the time of writing, although it doesn’t show in the build quality. As always, Intex has produced another impressive pool. The advantage to getting one like this is that it’s very quick to install so you can take it down rather than having it up permanently. The entire frame structure is made with Snap-on joints, meaning that you won’t need any tools to set it up. This means that it’s both quicker and easier to install. With an inflatable frame you’ll find that setting it up and taking it down the same day is no trouble. Find Out More


iPool 2 Deluxe Resistance Pool

The rest of the pools on this list are designed for relaxation and for enjoyment. But the iPool is an exercise resistance pool that was made so that you can actually swim but in a much smaller space. It works by attaching an adjustable elastic band to the included belt which allows you to swim stationary. The aim is to allow you to get a proper workout without having to go to a large commercial gym. The iPool is the latest in resistance swimming and comes with an upgraded heater to keep you warm as you work out all year round. Taking up only six square metres you’ll be able to fit this pool anywhere, it truly is revolutionary. When you receive this pool you’ll notice how easy it is to setup, mainly because its technology allows it to be much smaller than conventional pools. Find Out More

Above ground pool sizes

Just like most products there is a huge variety of sizing options. The industry standard for depth is normally between 48 and 52 inches and there really aren’t many pools outside of this range. This is the perfect height for almost everybody including kids so there shouldn’t be an issue with pool depth. When it comes to width and length you can pretty much find a pool to fit any garden. The most common sizes are 12 foot, 16 foot and 32 foot in length. The widths of these pools are normally around 60% of the length. If you are looking for a smaller pool then you’ll likely have to look at inflatable pools that are less permanent. For pools over 40 feet in length you might have to consider a custom pool which will cost considerably more. The average household would be recommended to buy a 16 foot pool, which will comfortably fit 6 people.

Types of above ground pools

Solid side – This is the most common type of pool when you’re looking at larger family pools. These are designed to last for many years and are priced as such. Whilst they are more expensive than other types of pools they can often be much better value for money in the long run as they’ll need less repairs and are stronger.

Inflatable – Smaller pools and cheaper pools will often have inflatable sides. This isn’t always a bad thing and has many advantages such as portability and flexibility which need to be considered. If you don’t want to have your pool up all year round then an inflatable pool might be a better choice for you. The downside is that they are much easier to damage and you shouldn’t expect them to last too long, but with a cheaper price tag they are still a good purchase for the right home.

Fiberglass – Above ground fiberglass pools are becoming more and more popular, due to their strength and ease of production. Fiberglass pools are not designed to be installed above ground; instead they should be at least partially in ground and preferably fully in ground. I would not recommend installing a fiberglass pool above the ground and instead would suggest a solid metal sided pool instead.

How much does an above ground pool cost?

It’s hard to say exactly how much an above ground pool is going to cost because there are so many variables like size, location and brand. In general, for a complete above ground pool that you want to last for many years you should be looking at a minimum of $1500. While you can find pools for $500 or so such as some on this list, they should only be expected to last about 3 summers or so. If you want a pool that is going to last then you’ll need to invest a few thousand dollars. Above ground pools can vary in cost hugely depending on build quality, but in general you are likely to get better value for money by spending more because you won’t have to replace it for many years to come.

Advantages of an above ground pool

Cost – Pools can be seriously expensive and choosing one that is above ground instead of in ground can really reduce the cost. Installation into the ground requires a lot of money and effort.

Ease – An in ground pool is a permanent fixture, whereas an above ground pool gives you the choice to move it around and take it down when you need to. This level of flexibility is extremely desirable for some families where an in ground pool is not an option. Above ground pools allow you a greater range of locations and increased freedom.

Size – In ground pools are normally much larger than other pool types. An above ground pool is a better option for families who might not have a lot of space in their garden but who still would like to have a pool.

What should you look for in a pool?

When you’re looking for a pool you’ll want to first look at size. This is possibly the most important feature because after all if you can’t fit it in your garden then it’s a waste of money! Figure out how much space you are willing to dedicate to a pool before you go looking around. Secondly, you’ll want to look at reviews. We’ve included a bunch already in this article so make sure to check those out. Thirdly, make sure that the pool you buy has some form of warranty. Even if a pool has 100% positive reviews there is a chance that yours could be broken, so make sure that your pool has a warranty. Finally, you want to look at what the packages include because some will come ready to setup whereas other packages might not include a sand filter or a pump.

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