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John Deere Z930M Problems & Fixes [Solutions Explained]

The John Deere Z930M is an agile zero-turn mower that makes mowing large lawns with lots of features super easy. However, like with any piece of machinery, there are bound to be problems that you eventually run into. Luckily, we are here to help you troubleshoot and fix these issues […]

Toro vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Which One is Better?

Zero-turn mowers have become very popular in recent years because of their ability to turn easily in tight spaces. Toro and John Deere are two of the leading manufacturers of zero-turn mowers. So, which one is better? Toro and John Deere make excellent zero-turn mowers, so it can take time […]

gravely vs bad boy mowers

Gravely vs. Bad Boy Mowers: What’s The Difference?

These days, zero-turn mowers have become all the rage. That’s because they’re easy to maneuver, reduce mowing time, and are relatively fuel efficient. However, if this is your first time purchasing a zero-turn mower, you might be confused with the extensive range available. To help you out, we will compare […]

kubota zero turn mower problems

7 Problems With Kubota Zero Turn Mowers [Explained]

Manufactured in Japan, Kubota Zero Turn mowers are well respected for their reliability and quality. They are considered fuel efficient and relatively low-maintenance. However, like all things mechanical, there are some problems that you might encounter from time to time. The more common problems identified by users include the stiffness […]

bad boy mower steering problems

6 Common Bad Boy Mower Steering Problems

If you’ve invested in a Bad Boy zero-turn mower, you will find that these tough and rugged machines are sturdy and keep your lawn looking great after every mow. However, like all things mechanical, owners will experience specific issues from time to time.  Some owners will experience steering problems with […]

cub cadet steering problems

5 Cub Cadet Steering Problems [Incl. Easy Solutions!]

If you own a Cub Cadet mower, you might experience some problems with the steering from time to time. These problems can be pretty frustrating and disruptive when you’re right in the middle of mowing your extensive lawn area. The most common problems experienced by Cub Cadet owners include difficulty […]

john deere gt235 problems

6 Common John Deere GT235 Problems & Fixes

Owning a john deere gt235 can be a lot of fun. It’s an excellent lawnmower for farmers and homeowners alike. However, like any other machinery, it can experience problems from time to time. The most common John Deere GT235 problems are general poor engine performance, issues with the hydrostatic transmission, […]

7 Common Kubota Z421 Problems & Solutions [Recall Info.]

The Kubota Z421 is an excellent mower for those who want quality performance without spending a fortune. However, like all machines, it can experience problems from time to time. The most common Kubota Z421 problems are a weak fuel line needing replacing, tensioner springs breaking, which stops the mower from […]

john deere lx277 problems

4 John Deere LX277 Problems & Fixes [Must Read]

The John Deere LX277 is a very reliable ride-on lawn mower by a legend in the lawn care industry.  Its size makes it ideal for large back gardens or small tracts of land to help you keep it clean and tidy all year round. This is a superior mower with […]

6 Common Altoz TRX Problems & Solutions [Explained]

Altoz’s TRX mower is the world’s first tracked mower. By using tracks instead of wheels, the mower can tackle tough terrain easily. Got some swampy land or steep hills to mow? A tracked mower is exactly what you need. If you’re considering buying or are a new owner, you may […]