Exmark vs. Toro: Which Is Better?

exmark vs toro

You may be stuck between choosing which of the above mowers you can use for your daily mowing routine. Well, Exmark vs. Toro: Which is better? Read through this article and get enlightened.

Founded in 1914, Toro is one of the worlds leading outdoor environmental solutions providers in more than 125 countries. On the other hand, Exmark leads the way in providing the best zero-turn mowers. Moreover, they are the best producers of commercial mowers and equipment.

What Is the Difference Between Exmark and Toro? Key Features.

Engine Power

Exmark has a 452 cc single-cylinder engine and produces up to 10.8 kW power. Additionally, it has an FX921V Kawasaki commercial engine with premium-quality materials and components.

Moreover, it contains an SAE-certified compact 90-degree V-twin engine and hydro gear integrated transmissions moving 16km/hr forward and backward movement of up to 9.6km/hr.

Toro, on the other side, has a 10.0 ft-lb gross torque and a 223cc Briggs and Stratton engine. This gives it excellent performance and trouble-free movement in stiff positions.

Control System.

Exmark has an enhanced control system which gives it predominance over other companies. As I’ve noted from experience, your hands can do as much work as your legs and feet when operating this device. 

To operate it, you have to walk behind and place the handles naturally flat to protect it from hitting sticking-out objects. 

Did you know? Apart from relieving you of fatigue, Exmark’s short-distance grip and cushion handles reduce vibration, giving you optimum comfort.

On the other side, Toro has a self-propelled Traction Control System with a non-driving support wheel and a frame power source. Furthermore, it is a robotic autonomous lawn mower with underground boundary wires, not to mention a vision-based localization system.

Working Function

Toro is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a mower for small to medium yard sizes. It has an all-wheel self-propelled system and makes mowing yards a downhill task. Its 22-inch deck reduces the passes required to cover as large areas as possible. 

It has a recoil start handle making it comfortable to use. Toro 20253 model has an all-wheel drive traction assist engine that runs smoothly and quietly. 

I’ve used Toro, and its zero turn and slow speed setting is a deal maker. Furthermore, I have not needed to use a blower for a moment since it cuts perfectly well and blows very far.

Exmark is a zero-turn riding mower and has an ultimate maneuverability function. It is among the top best-selling brand of lawnmowers worldwide and is designed for lots of ground cover.

Equally important, It has a low Centre Of Gravity, giving it better hillside traction and stability, and a built-in jack mount for easy blade changes.

Deck Design

Toro comes in varying deck sizes, giving you a great lineup of mowers to choose from. However, its most common deck size is a 42 “fabricated deck. The deck design is iron forged and engineered for years of dependability and excellent performance.

Exmark has a 96″ flex wing pattern mower deck, providing it with more power output. Likewise, it has heavier deck spindles and stabilization rods and, on top of it all, suspension seats. Its armrests offer additional comfort to users. 

Battery Usage 

A 12V battery, including an electric start feature powers up an Exmark mower. It has a high reserve capacity of 35 minutes producing 25 amperes of power, which keeps the mower available when needed. 

Also, it produces 300 cranking amperes of power to start your engine. 

The Toro mower has a 60 V battery with a 2-ampere charger. Likewise, It produces 7.5-ampere-hour for 50 minutes when fully charged, and it has a charging time of up to 180 minutes.

Fuel Consumption Rate 

An average Toro lawn mower consumes ¼ gallon of gas. However, if you’re using a walk-behind mower, it means that you’re saving on fuel than when using riding mowers. 

Diesel driving mowers, on the other side, have a fuel capacity of 12 gallons, which is quite high.

On the other hand, an Exmark lawn mower consumes 1- 2 gallons of petrol per hour. This is because a 27 Horsepower engine powers it up.


From my experience of mowing an acre for 20 minutes, a Toro lawnmower can get to 7 miles per hour. Moreso, I tracked very well regardless of the high speed at which I applied. 

That said, an Exmark lawnmower can reach speeds up to 16km/hr forward and 9.7km/hr reverse. Its hydro gear integrated system takes credit for these magnificent speeds.

Expert tip: Did you know that the life expectancy of an ex-mark can reach 1500 -200 hours?

Cut Quality

An Exmark lawn mower has an ultra-cut deck with bigger wheels giving it a perfect cut and master stripes. Moreso, it is equipped with aggressive kenda drive tires, which give maximum control for users.

Furthermore, it can achieve speeds up to 10 miles per hour without altering the quality of grass. It has an ultra-cut deck flow control baffle to accelerate airflow under the deck. 

On the other hand, the Toro lawn mower cuts grass magnificently and bags it well. It is perfect for use in suburban lawns. For every full-charge session, Toro can mow up to 5000 square feet of grass per charge.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which is Better, Exmark or Toro?

Toro companies have premium quality mowers compared to a variety of mowers. Additionally, its engine is one of the most perfectly produced in the list of mowers in the market.

Are Toro and Exmark Made By The Same company?

Contrary to the past, Exmark is a division of The Toro company in 1997 and has its headquarters in Minnesota.

Which Are the Best Zero Turn Mower Brands?

Some of the best brands of zero-turn mowers in the market include:

  • Husqvarna
  • Craftsman 
  • Cub Cadet 
  • John deere 
  • Ariens
  • Bush hog

Final Remarks

Still trying to decide which of the two brands to choose? I guess not. Essential aspects to consider when selecting mowers include fuel consumption rate and cut quality, among others.

In case you need more clarifications, feel free to reach us by email or by filling in our contact form.