John Deere 2640 Problems [Hydraulics, Steering, Brakes & More Fixed!]

The John Deere 2640 has been a versatile tractor model known for its reliability and performance. However, like any piece of machinery, it is not immune to issues.

This article aims to shed light on some of the common problems faced by owners of the John Deere 2640, along with possible solutions to tackle them.

Hydraulic and Steering Issues


One issue that has been reported is the presence of metal filings in the hydraulic fluid, particularly in the steering box. These metal filings can cause noise and could potentially be a sign of failing hydraulic pumps or other components.


  1. Check Transmission Oil Suction Screen: Although one user noted that the screen may not catch fine dust-like filings, it’s still a good first step to check for larger fragments.
  2. Send Oil Samples for Testing: If metal filings are suspected in the hydraulic fluid, send an oil sample to a lab for an analysis to determine the type of metal (cast iron or steel), which can provide clues as to which component might be failing.
  3. Flush and Clean Hydraulic Lines: A thorough flush of the hydraulic lines, rockshaft housing, and transmission is recommended. This involves disassembling key components and flushing them with cleaning solutions such as diesel or mineral spirits to ensure that all metal particles are removed.
  4. Replace Damaged Components: Once the source of the metal filings has been identified, replace the damaged components such as bearings, seals, and even the hydraulic pump if required.

Brake Issues


Worn or missing brake pads are another common issue, as they can be a source of metal filings.


  1. Inspect and Replace Brake Linings: If the brake pads are worn out or missing, they should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage and ensure safety.

Transmission Problems


Some users have reported issues with the 2-stick transmission getting stuck in two gears simultaneously.


  1. Be Cautious When Shifting: Operators should exercise extra caution when shifting gears to avoid getting stuck.
  2. Inspect and Align Shift Rails: If the gears do get stuck, it may be necessary to align the shift rails manually.

General Reliability and Longevity


Opinions on the John Deere 2640’s reliability vary, but the tractor has seen a lot of use in various types of work, from dairy farms to construction sites. It’s worth mentioning that issues with the cooling system being inadequate for constant heavy work have been reported.


  1. Regular Maintenance: Keeping the cooling system and other parts of the tractor well-maintained can go a long way toward ensuring its longevity.

Final Thoughts

The John Deere 2640 is generally considered a durable and reliable tractor, but like any mechanical equipment, it can have its share of issues.

Regular maintenance and a keen eye for spotting problems early can prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs.

When in doubt, consult with a professional to diagnose and fix the issues accurately.