4 John Deere LX277 Problems & Fixes [Must Read]

john deere lx277 problems

The John Deere LX277 is a very reliable ride-on lawn mower by a legend in the lawn care industry.  Its size makes it ideal for large back gardens or small tracts of land to help you keep it clean and tidy all year round.

This is a superior mower with minimal common issues, but, as with all machinery, big or small, there are a few issues you might run into.

The four most common issues that you will encounter with the John Deere LX277 are the engine stalling, motor surging, difficulty starting, and the deck belt popping off.

Running a mower like this can get rather expensive, so it’s very useful to know how to diagnose and fix these issues without having to send the whole machine in for repairs.

In this article, we are going to help you figure out which of these issues your mower is suffering from and give you all the information you need to fix it.

Lawn Rage Fact: The John Deere LX277 has a Twin Touch automatic transmission, making running the mower comfortable and easy. This means you can mow for longer without getting tired.

Common John Deere LX277 Problems

Although the John Deere LX277 is known for running without issues, there will always come a time when something goes wrong.

Luckily, most of these problems can be fixed at home using simple tools and a little extra know-how, which we will provide you with today.

If you need to replace a part, we suggest locating your local John Deere store or a specialized mower store, as they will have the best range and professional advice you may need.

Here are the four common issues with the John Deere LX277 and their fixes:

Engine Stalling

One common issue you may encounter is the engine stopping suddenly or slowing down, especially a few seconds after engaging the PTO. This could be for a variety of reasons which, unfortunately, all involve replacing a part.

The first thing to check is the battery. You can do this by taking it to a battery store, where they will test it for you for free. If it is failing, then you need to buy a new one.

The second thing that could be failing is the voltage regulator. If the voltage is reading higher or lower than 14V when running, then the voltage regulator will need to be replaced.

Lastly, it could be an issue with the PTO coil’s resistance. If the resistance is too low, the PTO will need to be replaced.

Motor Surging

If you notice your mower running slower than usual or running at high speed when in neutral, these are both signs of your engine surging.

Two of the possible causes can be dealt with yourself at home, but you may need to order a new part. Those two are an air leak and a fuel delivery issue.

If you find an air leak, you will need to buy a replacement vacuum pump. If not, then check the fuel chamber and the flow to the pump to see if there is something faulty there. Replace the offending part if necessary.

The last cause could be the governor’s adjustment. You can check this by loosening the arm slightly and checking the link to the carburetor. Unfortunately, this is an issue that will have to be dealt with by a professional, as it is quite a tough job.

Hard to Start

The first thing to ask when you’re having problems starting is: are you in the seat?

This model of ride-on mower has a built-in safety switch underneath the seats that prevent it from starting when no one is in the seat. Jump on up and see if that makes any difference before getting concerned.

If you are in the seat, then you need to check that you have followed the starting procedure very carefully. The ignition switch should be on, choke on, the transmission in neutral, and the brake pedal held down. If you have all this in place, then the engine should start with no problem.

However, if neither of these works, then there might be an issue with the fuel filter. To fix this, disconnect the cap attached to the fuel line and pull back the hose. Then using a compressor, push air through the hose at around 50psi.

Deck Belt Popping Off

The last issue that seems to plague the John Deere LX277 is the deck belt popping off when you disengage the blades.

Like many of these issues, this is usually due to a part needing to be replaced. Check your deck belt, and you will likely notice it is worn out and thin. Replace the belt with another of the same length by removing the mower deck and settling the belt in place.

Lawn Rage Fact: The three-gallon fuel tank in the John Deere LX277 means you can mow for longer between filling up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What engine is in a John Deere LX277?

The John Deere LX277 has a 17 hp V-twin air-cooled engine.

This model allows you to mow with significantly less noise than other ride-on mowers.

How much oil does the John Deere LX277 take?

The oil capacity of this model’s engine is 1.9 qts or 1.8L.

We recommend using Turf-Gard, Plus-4, SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, or 5W-30 oil in your John Deere LX277.


The John Deere LX277 is a hardy, high-performance ride-on mower that should run smoothly with very little intervention.

To sum it all up, the four issues that you might encounter with the John Deere LX277 are the engine surging, stalling, or being hard to start, as well as the deck belt popping off on occasion. But, as we have shown, all of these issues can be fixed simply at home with a few extra parts.

Now, with this guide in hand, you can go out and fix your John Deer LX277 all by yourself and have it running perfectly in no time!