6 Common Kawasaki FR730V Problems

kawasaki fr730v problems

If you own a Kawasaki FR730V lawn mower, you no doubt love your lawn and enjoy taking care of it. But what happens when you get your lawn mower out and are ready to treat your lawn to a nice clip, but the mower doesn’t want to play fair? How do you fix common problems quickly so you can get on with the job?

Like most engines, you might have a few issues with your Kawasaki one from time to time. The most common Kawasaki FR730V problems owners have included the engine not starting or stalling constantly, the battery not charging, or the mower backfiring and spewing out white smoke.

Let’s look at these problems individually and how you can fix or avoid them.

The Engine Won’t Start

Imagine you’ve geared yourself up for a leisurely hour or two mowing your lovely lawn. You take the lawn mower out of the shed, sit on the seat, turn the key, and nothing happens. The engine is refusing to start.

Quite often, this can be either a problem with the spark plug, the ignition coil, the flywheel, or the carburetor.


  • Take out the spark plug. Check to see if it’s worn. Replace the spark plug to see whether this fixes the problem.
  • Look at the carburetor to ensure it’s clean and doesn’t have any debris blocking it up.
  • Replace the ignition coil if there’s nothing wrong with the spark plug or the carburetor.
  • Inspect the flywheel to ensure that it’s not broken.
  • Check the recoil starter to ensure it’s working correctly.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer to protect the engine.
  • Make sure that the fuel cap is clean.
  • You’ll also want to check the safety switch as this may need replacing if it’s malfunctioning.

The Engine Stalls After A Few Seconds

If your Kawasaki engine refuses to run continuously after starting, you may have a dirty carburetor or, worse, dirty fuel.


  • Check the carburetor to see whether it’s dirty or has some debris blocking it up. Please give it a good clean and try again to run your mower.
  • Check the fuel lines and the fuel cap for signs of dirt or debris. 
  • If there’s dirt in the fuel, you may have to empty the tank and replace it with nice clean fuel after cleaning it out.

The Engine Is Not Producing Enough Power 

While your engine may start well and continue to run, you might find it’s not producing enough power to move the mower forward over the grass. You might also find that the revs won’t go over 3000 RPM.

These problems can often be caused by a dirty carburetor, dirty fuel, a clogged fuel filter, or a worn spark plug.


  • Check the carburetor to ensure it’s clean and free from debris.
  • Inspect the fuel lines for any dirt particles or other debris.
  • Check the fuel filter to see whether it’s clogged. It might be wise to change the filter at this stage.
  • Pull out the spark plug and see whether it’s worn. It also might need to be replaced.
  • In the future, use a fuel stabilizer to keep the mower running well.

The Battery Is Not Charging

If your battery is constantly draining as you use the mower, you might have a problem with the alternator or the voltage regulator.


  • Have the alternator checked by a mower mechanic. You might have to replace it.
  • Check the voltage regulator to see if it’s working correctly.

There’s A Strong Smell Of Gas While You’re Operating The Mower

If you smell a stronger than typical gas smell either during or after the operation, you might have a leakage somewhere or worn gaskets.


  • Replace the bowl gasket on the carburetor.
  • Check the float assembly and replace it if worn.
  • Check the fuel lines and the fuel tank to see if there is a leak.
  • Replace the primer bulb.

The Mower Backfires And White Smoke Billows Out

If your mower is backfiring and white smoke is billowing out, it’s probably time to change the oil. You might also have a blocked fuel filter, or there might be dirt in the carburetor.


  • Change the oil in your mower.
  • Check the carburetor to ensure that it’s clean and that there is no dirt or debris in it.
  • Replace the fuel filter as it may be clogged up and not working effectively anymore.
  • While you’re replacing the fuel filter, you might also want to check the air filter and replace it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Kawasaki FS and FX engines?

The difference is in the horsepower capacity. The FS has a capacity of 13.2 to 22.2 horsepower, while the FX engine has a capacity of 13.2 to 31.4 horsepower. Both engines do have OHV V-valve technology.

What causes a Kawasaki lawn mower engine to surge?

A fuel blockage usually causes a surge in the engine of your Kawasaki lawn mower. This could be in the carburetor or the fuel line, or you could have a dirty fuel filter.

What horsepower is a Kawasaki FR730V?

A Kawasaki FR730V engine has a maximum horsepower capacity of 24.0.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt you love your lawn if you’ve invested in a Kawasaki FR730V lawn mower. However, to protect your investment, it’s essential to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Therefore, when you encounter problems like the engine not starting or stalling, the mower surging while you’re mowing the lawn, or the battery not charging correctly, you need to know where to look to fix the problem.

The most important thing to remember is that, like all engines, your Kawasaki engine should have regular service to ensure that it lives a long life and rewards you with a perfectly kept lawn.