7 Common Kubota BX2200 Problems & Solutions!

Kubota tractors are one of the most dependable tractor brands on the market, offering quality machines that many farmers love. Nevertheless, no tractor is perfect, and problems will inevitably arise at some point.

Common problems associated with the Kubota BX2200 include engine problems, difficulty steering, transmission pump failure, electrical system, hydraulic and tire issues. In terms of reports, most are related to the engine, the second most are related to the transmission, and the third most are related to the hydraulics.

Next, I discuss these Kubota BX2200 problems extensively and highlight fixes to get your tractor back on the field.

1. Engine overheating

Overheating is a common issue on Kubota tractors. This issue is usually because of insufficient radiator airflow. Particles from the debris can cause overheating if it clogs your engine’s radiator. This blockage reduces airflow, leading to heat buildup and an overheating Kubota tractor.

Fix: Open the tractor’s engine compartment and clean the radiator with an air compressor. Additionally, check that the coolant tank is full and fill it for extra cooling. Last but not least, let the machine cool down between plowing sessions since overuse can cause it to overheat.

Tip: If you don’t have coolant, you can use water to cool your engine. However, note that coolant is the preferred option. So, only use water if you don’t have any coolant nearby.

2. Engine cranking issues

Sometimes the Kubota BX2200 cranks or takes too long to start. When this occurs, you’ll be unable to use the machine. This issue typically occurs when the tractor’s battery dies or because of damaged cables and loose connections.

Fix: The fix for this issue is straightforward. Ensure you check the battery condition and the state of the battery cables. If the tractor’s battery is dead, revive it with a charger. However, if the battery doesn’t respond to the current from the charger, it’s most likely damaged, so you’ll need to buy a new one. Also, ensure you correctly attach any loose battery cables.

3. Engine shutting down abruptly

This issue is one I’ve encountered severally. I’ve had several Kubota owners complain about their machine starting normally, then the engine shutting down unexpectedly. In general, the cause of the tractor engine shutting down abruptly is due to the engine running out of fuel or due to faulty parts, like fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel lines, or air filters.

Fix: Because this issue is mainly due to low fuel levels, I recommend checking the fuel level and refilling as necessary. If the issue isn’t due to low fuel, check the fuel filter, fuel lines, and fuel pumps for signs of damage or blockage. Ensure you replace any damaged components you come across. These parts are located in Kubota’s fuel system.

Check the fuel line leading from the fuel tank for signs of clogging. In addition, make sure you check the air filter to see if it is clogged. If the air filter is clogged, I suggest you buy a new one, open the tractor’s hood and evacuator valve and switch out the air filter.

4. Steering Difficulty

If air gets into the BX2200 tractor’s hydraulic system, you may find the steering harder than usual. Steering difficulty can also be because of an issue with the tractor’s steering cylinders. I’ve also discovered that a lack of fuel or oil can make the Kubota tractor challenging to control. 

After some period of use, some cylinders begin to accumulate rust which causes the O-rings to fail. If this is the reason for your steering failing, you will need to buy a new cylinder. Another fix to try is to rebuild the steering ram by replacing the O-rings completely.

Fix: First, check the oil level and refill as required. If adding oil doesn’t solve the issue, the next step is to remove any existing air from the hydraulic system. Find any point where air could be trapped (It is typically the highest point in the hydraulic system).

Then, pressurize the system and loosen a fitting close to the highest point until no fluid leaks appear, then tighten it. Do not forget to repeat the same process at the other end.

Note: After some period of use, some cylinders begin to accumulate rust which causes the O-rings to fail. If this is the reason for your steering failing, you will need to buy a new cylinder. Another fix to try is to rebuild the steering ram by replacing the O-rings completely.

Problem 5: Tire Issues

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with tractors. The tires on your tractor are susceptible to wear and tear. You may notice deflated tires, cracks, and overall wear. Tire problems make controlling the tractor more difficult than normal, and it will affect how well you plow the soil. 

Fix: The fix to this issue is as simple as replacing the tire. Purchase a replacement tire, loosen the nuts on the damaged tire and install the new tire. You should notice an immediate difference in the machines’ mobility. 

Tip: Store your tractor away from direct sunlight or air to preserve the integrity of the tractor’s tires. Also, ensure the machine doesn’t sit unused for too long.

Problem 6: Transmission pump failure

The Kubota Transmission Oil Pump delivers less pressure as the machine gets older. When this happens, the tractor’s shifting will be impacted by this. As a result, you’ll experience problems shifting gears and you may be unable to shift gears if the damage is extensive.

Fix: The transmission pump is housed inside the gearbox, so you must disassemble the transmission and remove the bellhousing to examine the pump. After dissembling, insert the replacement inner and outer gears into the pump body. The shaft should be adjusted to fit the fastening bolt holes. Ensure bolts are inserted and slowly tightened. Also, make sure the inner gear rotates without sticking.

Problem 7: PTO issues

Your PTO’s or power take-off malfunction could be caused by several factors. The first possibility is that the bush hog will shut down while the power is disconnected from the PTO. You may notice the PTO shaft moving without being engaged by the PTO or the shaft may not turn after being engaged by the PTO. These are all indicators of a faulty PTO.

Fix: First, check whether the clutch pack is functioning properly. If it isn’t, you will need to locate the clutch between the engine and the gearbox and inspect the parts. If the clutch appears damaged or rusty, you need to buy a replacement pack and install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the horsepower of the Kubota BX2200?

The Kubota BX2200 has a 22-horsepower engine. The engine is powerful enough to power the machine effectively.

Should I be concerned about the Kubota BX2200 problems?

The issues with the Kubota BX2200 are nothing to be worried about. Kubota manufactures efficient machines, so don’t let these common problems discourage you. Luckily, most of these issues are easy to fix.

Why is my Kubota tractor sputtering?

This is usually because of a clogged fuel pump, fuel line, or air filter. The machine sputters because the engine isn’t receiving sufficient fuel. Therefore, ensure you check the fuel supply and replace any affected parts.


As you can see, the Kubota BV2200 problems are easy to fix. Your tractor behaving strangely is enough cause to worry. Fortunately, we’ve covered the most common issues you’re likely to face on the Kubota BX2200 and outlined effective fixes to get your tractor plowing again!