Landscape Design SB

The design has to look harmonious. For this, the specific colour scheme must be taken into account.

If it will be in orange and red tones, then the site will look warm, if in white and blue – to blow cool, in pink – to provide calm.

But the shades should look harmoniously not only in flower beds, but also in furniture and other elements. The shape of all details should also be taken into account.

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You have to pay attention to the finish as well. If the kerb is made of white brick, then this material should be present in the bed, paths.

If a person has decided to create a cozy corner for rest, and plant original flowers near him, then he should consider the location.

Some plants will not be able to grow in the shade and some will not grow in the sun. And the rest area itself should not be placed where the sun shines almost all day.