Lawn care in spring: mulching

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If the grass on the lawn is rare and weak, additional sowing can be done at this stage. After sowing, mulching remains to be carried out. Mulch will hide the grass seeds from the birds, which are instantly sown in huge quantities, just sowing the lawn. For mulching, use a mixture of coarse sand with light garden soil or leaf humus (2:1), carefully leveling the composition of the lawn and correcting irregularities with the back of the rake or garden mop with a long, hard pile. Mulching of the lawn improves the structure of heavy soils, contributes to better nutrition of grass roots, and also corrects small irregularities on the surface of the lawn. Gardening companys SB

Lawn care: fertilisers, fertilisers

To keep the grass on the lawn healthy, strong and bright green, at least three seasonal lawn fertilisers are required: spring, summer and autumn. It strengthens the grass and helps it to clog weeds, which are always present on any lawn. Often the herbal fertiliser already contains herbicides (weed suppressants). Always apply the fertiliser according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Too much fertiliser is damaging to the environment, can be dangerous for people, “burning” the grass and ruining the appearance of the lawn for a long time. Fertiliser should be applied through a sieve, which can be purchased from the garden centre (see photo below).

Spring and summer grass fertiliser contains large amounts of nitrogen and causes an active growth of the green mass. Apply spring fertiliser to the grass a couple of weeks after the autumn lawn has been worked on, and summer fertiliser in a time that is not too hot and dry. Try to fertilise the lawn before the rain. Autumn grass fertiliser contains more phosphorus and potassium, which strengthens the roots of the grass and helps it to survive the winter without loss. Always use the fertiliser according to the season. Plant fertilization SB

Lawn care in autumn, preparation for winter

Autumn lawn treatment is very similar to spring lawn treatment. The difference is that in the autumn you do not have to repair trenches, decorate lawn edges and sow grass, especially if you live in a cold or snowy region and the lawn will not be used in winter.

Additionally, regular cleaning of the lawn from falling leaves will be required in autumn. Use a garden vacuum cleaner or lawn mower for this purpose. The latter shreds the leaves and can be used immediately for composting or mulching other areas of the garden. Remember that the colder the weather, the more grass you need to leave behind.

Remember that during wet and frosty periods of the year you should not disturb the lawn as much as possible, try not to step on the grass, but to carry out the necessary work standing on the board, not on the grass.

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