Open type MRI in Canada -MRI Alberta

Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the types of diagnostics of the organism, the purpose of which is to obtain step-by-step slices of the area to be scanned. Most slices are made in three mutually perpendicular directions (axially, frontally and sagittally). MRI refers to tomographic (from the Greek “section”) methods of medical diagnosis, as well as spiral computer tomography (CT), which is devoted to a separate section.

Open type MRI in Canada

Magnetic resonance imaging is an ultramodern method of medical diagnostics, the purpose of which is to scan a certain area of the human body and build thin slices using computer post-processing. The cuts are made by a computer in a series and get to a radiologist at a workstation for analysis and preparation of the diagnostic report.

Principle of operation of the MRI apparatus

Of course, it is impossible to describe in a nutshell the whole principle of MRI operation. In short, it looks like this: radio-frequency MRI coils register changes in the behavior of hydrogen atoms (which are very large in the human body, due to the high content of fluid in the body) in a magnetic field of high power. All data collected by the radio-frequency coils are sent to a computer, which analyzes and reconstructs images of the human body, which then go to the radiologist, and which you can then see on the MRI films.

Security of MRI scans

MRI Alberta is an absolutely harmless method of medical diagnostics, as, for example, and ultrasound. It does not use either radioactive isotopes. Neither ionizing radiation, but only a magnetic field, which itself is not harmful to the human body. Magnetic resonance imaging is prescribed even for small children and pregnant women.

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